Nadal Missing Out Due To Knee Injury

Things don't look all that well for the Spaniard. Rafael Nadal, currently World no. 1, is obviously making a move to treat his knee injury. The injury is showing no signs of disappearing. Unless Nadal wants to keep on playing lawn tennis for a couple more years, he has to be serious in treating his knee.

The treatment isn't doing much good for his play, though. He lost in the fourth round of the French Open to Swedish Robin Soderling, and his position as the top male tennis player is in danger. Federer is slowly inching his way up again, not to mention other threats like Andy Murray and Andy Roddick.

from Mail Online:

Rafa's long battle with injury

2004: Out for two months with stress fracture of his left foot.

2005: Misses season-ending Masters Cup and Australian Open (January 2006) with strained ligaments in his left foot.

2007: Played less in latter part of the season to manage tendinitis in his knees.

2008: Out of Davis Cup final and Masters Cup with tendinitis.

2009: Misses AEGON Championships with tendinitis.

Kaka Transfers to Real Madrid

I dreaded making this post. I love Kaka, and I like AC Milan. Both of them together was a really great combination for me. But soccer can really bring you down when it comes to their financial stakes. I hate how money revolves in this world.

Kaka's transfer to Real Madrid was finalized last week. After so many rumors about Manchester City and Chelsea hounding the Brazilian star, it's Real Madrid who gets the upper hand. I guess Real Madrid was the right choice. It's definitely one of the most prestigious clubs in the world of soccer, so Kaka made a good decision on which club to transfer.

The transfer was worth £56million, and Kaka's salary has now gone up to £200,000 a week over the six years of his contract. Real Madrid is currently planning to sign in more players from other clubs, one of them Cristiano Ronaldo (who I suppose will be expecting a higher sales figure for his potential transfer).

Kaka has expressed has cleared up some rumors after publicly announcing his transfer. He has expressed his wish to stay in AC Milan, but has to consider the financial situation of the club. He has also asked some friends for advice, among which is David Beckham, who told him that joining Real Madrid is a good choice to further strengthen his career.

from Mail Online:

"I wanted to stay but the world crisis affected my decision. I knew I’d only leave Milan to play for Real. I spoke with the Milan directors and we reached the conclusion that the best thing for everybody would be to sell."

"I've been weighing up the offer from Real Madrid a lot. It's an important project for me to continue growing in my career. I'm not going to Real Madrid for money, as I had other offers. But I knew I would only leave Milan to play for Real Madrid.

Only small details were missing, such as the medical exams I passed this morning. The deal was sealed long time ago."

Crazy Fan Attacks Federer During French Open

This is the moment when a fan jumped into the court and tried to make Roger Federer wear a hat. The fan was wearing what appeared to be a Barcelona flag, so I have no idea what the real deal is with him.

Federer's response to the attack:

First, I didn’t know exactly what happened. All of a sudden I heard the crowd, and I looked over and he jumped over the fence or something. That gave me a fright, just like seeing him so close right away.

The good thing is like it happened before, you know, so that’s why I guess I didn’t panic. It happened in Wimbledon before when two guys ran out on the court, and once I think it was in Montreal when I lost to Roddick when I was playing for my No. 1 ranking in the third set.

Som it wasn’t the firsttime. Normally they always kind of look at me and go, I’m so sorry I have to do this, because they have some sort of a reason for it, you know. (Laughter.)

I remember the English guy was actually quite funny. He looked at me and goes, I’m so sorry I have to do this. I was like, Okay, just don’t touch me, you know.

This guy, I don’t know, he looked at me and I was not sure what he wanted. It seemed like he wanted to give me something. So I was actually okay,because I saw he wasn’t pulling for anything stupid.

It definitely felt uncomfortable once he came close to me. Looking back, it definitely threw me out of my rhythm a little bit. One game later I thought that maybe I should have sat down and taken a minute or two to kind of reflect on what just happened. Was that real or what?

But I don’t know. I mean, I wanted to play on and whatever, get over it. But it was a touch scary, yes.

The crazy fan is known to be Jimmy Jump .. nice nickname. Jumping into courts and fields seem to be his hobby, and Stade Roland Garros was his latest target.

Roger's Federer 14th Grand Slam As Nadal Stops His French Open Winning Streak

We can honestly say that Roger Federer is the man!

Despite losing the World's no. 1 title to Rafa, and losing a couple more time after that, Federer got back up to his feet and conquered the lawn tennis world again. He laid low for a short while as he and his longtime girlfriend-fiance finally got married last April. But he has finally marked a new beginning as he wins his 14th major Grand Slam title - the French Open!

It used to be that it was Rafael Nadal who wins in the French Open. He lost out in the fourth round, though, to Sweden Robin Soderling, and is currently spending some sweet time off with his girlfriend. It's also healing time for his knee injury, so he's taking it easy. I'm sure he'll come back with a vengeance once he's okay. Then there might be another epic battle between the longtime rivals.

"I knew the day Rafa won't be in the finals, I will be there, and I will win. I always knew that, and I believed in it. That's exactly what happened," Federer said. "It's funny. I didn't hope for it. But I believed in it."

Throughout the match, Federer remained his cool. Even when a crazy fan came dangerously close to him came onto the court, the Swiss player played calmly and went on for the win against Soderling - 6-1, 7-6 (1), 6-4.

"Every time I played Roger, after the match, I always said, 'I played so bad today.' Now I learned that it's not that I played bad," Soderling said. "He makes me play bad."

Soderling didn't play all that bad. He had surprised tennis fans after he swept off Nadal, No. 10 Nikolay Davydenko, No. 12 Fernando Gonzalez and No. 14 David Ferrer. If he'll beat out Andy Murray, too, then I will keep tabs on this guy.

Rebirth of Sports Rivals

I mean this blog, and not the rivalry that the four players seem to have had in the past. I remember the days when it was obviously Ronaldo vs. Kaka and Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal. But then soccer and lawn tennis is not really just a rivalry between two people. There are other prominent and talented players in the fields and they just keep coming for the crown and the glory. Andy Murray, for example, is the talk of the British media. Ronaldo is still as popular as ever, but he's constantly being pitted against others (last one I heard was against Lionel Messi, who is also a very talented soccer player).

I guess I felt down when Federer started his meltdown after losing to Nadal, although I have no ill feelings towards Nadal. He is a great player, too. But Federer losing made me lose some motivation in continuing this blog. Childish, I know. But time management also became a problem.

Thankfully, I can set aside some time now for more postin' lovin' to this blog. Let's start at how the our favorite top players are doing now, shall we?

Ronalodo Welcomed, Forgiven

Cristiano Ronaldo is back, seemingly in good form. And he was welcomed like a hero as Manchester United and Chelsea took the field and he started in the bench.

His disapproving plan to get a record-breaking transfer deal to Real Madrid over the summer certainly disappointed, and even disgusted, Manchester United fans. But as his position on the matter was stamped down, resulting in him staying in Manchester United, there have been some grumbles as to whether he will be welcomed with open arms.

It seems that everything is going according to his thoughts, though. He had stated that his fans will still be loyal to him. And he wasn't wrong.

From Mail Online:

I’m already in the history of the club. When I play the fans will love me again.

No way do I see myself in the shirt of another Manchester team. [when asked about a move to Manchester City with a price of £135 million] I didn’t realise I was worth that much!

With this Golden Boot I have changed football a little. [about winning the Golden Boot for his incredible 42 goals] Usually strikers won it and I’m a winger. I have been the most consistent and the best.